Update from ACT President

The 2012 Association for Constructivist Teaching conference will be held in Johnson City, Tennessee on October 19 – 20. Our theme is 21st Century Teaching & Learning.  Consider presenting and attending!  Visit our website for our Call for Proposals and Registration:  www.constructivistassociation.org 

Speakers are:

  • Friday afternoon – Jennifer Bay Williams. Helping Students Learn Mathematics in the Era of the Common Core
    What connections can we make between constructivist learning theory and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Content and Mathematical Practices? We will explore this question across the grades, considering how we can best help students become mathematically proficient.
  • Saturday morning –   Jacqueline Grennon Brooks; Education and Learning in the 21st Century: A Simple Proposition
    Our national policy makers have made a serious miscalculation about what generates improved student learning.  We must stop sacrificing the promise of real student learning for the illusion of student achievement. Schools can better reflect the complexities and possibilities of the world. They can be structured in ways that honor and facilitate students’ construction of knowledge. And they can become settings in which teachers invite students to search for understanding, acknowledge and appreciate ambiguity, and inquire responsibly. If we really are serious about reforming our nation’s schools, it important that we, as educators together, place our emphasis on student learning, and explore the constructivist proposition and ways to put this proposition into practice.

    • Jennifer will also provide a dual session workshop on Saturday entitled, Teaching & Learning with Design Challenges.

About Jane Tingle Broderick

I am an Associate Professor of Early Childhood and Early Childhood consultant. My research and mission focuses on teacher professional development with emergent inquiry curriculum, the role of materials and the environment in learning as inspired by my background as a visual artist and the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.
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One Response to Update from ACT President

  1. Michael Garrett says:

    A quick note: the Call for Proposals is up on the ACT Website. Go to the home page and under the main banner is a link to the Word document. You can get to it directly from here:

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