About ACT

Our Mission

Is to enhance the growth of all educators and students through identification and dissemination of effective constructivist practices in both the professional cultures of teachers and the learning environments of children. It is also to advance educators’ understanding of Piaget’s constructivism as a scientific theory that explains how human beings construct knowledge and moral values. To learn more about the Association of Constructivist Teachers, visit the ACT Website.


Is open to anyone who is interested in the field of education. ACT Members are classroom teachers, administrators, supervisors, consultants, college and university personnel, students, parents and retired educators.  They live all over the USA and in Mexico, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and China.

Member Benefits:

  • Network with like-minded people and have access to everyone’s information.
  • View presentations from the conference on the member’s only page.
  • Submit your blog or site to be highlighted on the sidebar of the official ACT site.
  • Have something to say? Submit an idea and be a guest blogger on the ACT site.

Come join us! Visit the membership page of the ACT website.

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One Response to About ACT

  1. Hello! We seek 2 full time teachers for our growing Boston area school for gifted students – Acera: The MA School of Science, Creativity and Leadership. We seek excellent teachers, and there seem to be a dearth of constructivist oriented teachers local to Boston due to more conventional educational practices required by area public and many private schools. We seek a lower elementary teacher and middle school science teacher who are experienced, entrepreneurial, creative, and take a constructivist and progressive approach to create curricula for their students — who read and build from the interests and needs of their pupils. Our setting is one which hires deeply intelligent teachers and gives wide latitude to them to make the right choices for their students. http://www.aceraschool.org. Is there a place to post jobs on your site? Or a place you’d recommend that I should post for this population of educators? Thank you so much.
    Courtney Dickinson
    Founder & Co-Director
    Acera: The MA School of Science, Creativity and Leadership

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